Not only do we want this website to inform you of the physical ministry we offer at the Total Living Center but also give you an abundance of informative and inspirational spiritual guidance with these resources.

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Bartow’s Healing Handbook

A must book for every home!  Blends prayer and healing in one book, offers solid Biblical teaching, is a good guide for study,  and contains the 30 Day Prayer Pilgrimage. (Hardback, 600 pages, easy to read BIG PRINT)

The Gospel According to Mary

Praying God’s Promises

Mountain Moving Diary

Ministry of the Master

A classic! Forty-eight weeks of daily devotions comprised of instruction, prayer and praise, plus a daily spirit lifter (a joke!) Includes some of Pastor Bartow’s best teaching.

The How to Healing Handbook

A goldmine of ideas from Pastor Bartow’s over 35 years in healing ministry within the local church.  Best resource for those wanting to begin or maintain an intentional healing ministry.

Yes, Virginia, There is a God Who Heals Today

Join Virginia as she exchanges e-mails with Pastor Bartow, asking questions and getting answers to important topics. Delightful and compelling reading! Biblical and Scriptural basis for Healing, Helping the Poor, Repentance, Prayer, and Being Born-Again.

Praying the Scripture

Learn to use Scripture during your prayer time with these written models of prayer on such topics as fear, worry, illness, finances, loneliness, depression, praise, blessing, God’s presence, and the fruitful life.

Personalized Scripture Book

Experience the spiritual impact of Scriptures personalized just for you.  Your name appears almost 2000 times interwoven with the promise of God.  An excellent gift!

Overcoming Negatives

Experience Jesus facing and overcoming the negatives in His life, A 90-day devotional that will set you free!

New Testament Miracles & Healings

Read the gospel accounts and other Scriptures related to healing in one book! Strengthen your mind and refresh your spirit.

Creative Churchmanship

A spiritual approach to the details of church administration. Pastor Bartow’s timeless insights prove motivation for today.

Mary’s Musing

Insights and family anecdotes lovingly written by Mary Bartow. A warm peek into the personal life of a godly woman.

God Encounters

The Autobiography of Pastor Don Bartow (in 3 volumes)

Teaching Resources

Pilgrimage Leader’s Guide

A comprehensive guide crammed with practical suggestions on planning, promoting, and executing a successful pilgrimage for your participants. Anyone and everyone can lead a pilgrimage with this guide.

Pilgrimage Second Mile Resources

30 days of recorded devotional messages recommended for every leader to use during the Pilgrimage.  For those who have purchased this set, permission is granted for duplication for as many cassettes as needed for the participants in your Prayer Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage Daily Guide

Pilgrimage workbook with guide sheets for the 30 Days plus special sheets for daily prayer concerns and answers.

Personal Prayer Diary

A prayer diary to use for your own prayer concerns and answers plus an inspiration pattern of Prayer.